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3 players is the max group size! There are no exceptions!
"We are a group of 4 friends, but we are splitting up"
- Nope. Find another server.

Map size/seed: 2800/2209745 | client.connect

Wipes: April 13th, and the next anticipated wipe is May 4th. Wipe days are scheduled to coincide with official updates that typically happen after 3 PM EST on Thursdays.

Decay will be turned off until further notice.

Be advised that the server typically restarts Tuesdays sometime between 9am-10:30am EST.

Read the rules carefully. Any ethnic slurs will lead to a ban. We don't have time to analyze your intent, like whether you were joking or not. We are here to play Rust without the BS.

Play Rust on your TV

General Info

» This is Rust - You will die and lose your stuff. Raiding & griefing are part of Rust. You can prevent griefing by protecting your tool cupboards.

» Types of Players - All skill levels and play styles are found here: solo players, noobs, veterans, players that just like to craft & build, PVP types, etc.

» Server Settings - The server runs without any mods. Decay is currently turned off, but all other settings are default.

» Population - Every cycle is different. It's mostly intended as a low-pop server, and has only peaked at 100 players on rare occasions.

» Admin Limitations - Please do not ask the admin to fix your base, break a door/wall, or spawn loot for you. The admin is happy to answer questions when available.

» Monuments - You may wall-off monuments if you have the resources.

RULES: You can kill, raid, curse, but we ban for...

» Breaking Solo-Duo-Trio Rule - Max group size is 3 players. No alliances. Report violations: Any raids or skirmishes that involve a "clear cohesive effort" from a group larger than 3 players will lead to a ban for all the players in that group. Housing more than 3 players is prohibited even if on a compound or multiple structures in a distributed strategy. A trio must farm for themselves without outside assistance. Trading is a big part of Rust and is encouraged. In rare instances, excessive or ongoing trades involving weapons, explosives, sulfur, and charcoal may trigger suspicion of a possible raiding alliance, but only if it appears as a "clear cohesive effort" by a group of more than 3 players.

Slaving - No slaves on this server.

Whining About Raids - Getting raided sucks, but persistent whining or personal attacks will lead to a ban. Suck it up, regroup, and raid them back.

Offensive Sexual Content (Chat / Voice / On Signs) - Remember that all age groups play here. Report violations: - Please do not report someone for cursing or painting primitive phallic symbols on signs.

» Racism / Hate Speech / Ethnic Slurs - Any ethic slurs will lead to a ban. We don't have time to determine your intent, like whether you were joking or not. We are here to play Rust without the BS so watch what you say. Hate speech directed toward any specific race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or disability will lead to a ban even if you claim to be from any of these categories. Any graphic on a sign that depicts an act of hate will lead to a ban even if inside your base. Please do not report someone for simply painting symbols like swastikas.

» Sexual Harassment - Report violations via

» Trolling / Chat Spamming / Voice Spamming / Toxic or Disruptive Behavior - Using chat or voice to disrupt gameplay will lead to a ban. Note: Encounters and raids often lead to an exchange of derogatory words. That happens. Please don't report limited exchanges like this. Be advised that this server has a lower threshold than most servers for determining toxic or disruptive behavior. Even borderline toxic bahavior observed by the admin and followed by a complaint from a reputable player will likely lead to a ban. Sportsmanship and reputation of players in this community weigh heavily into the decisions we make in regard to determining player bans.

» Disrespecting Noob Questions - Jackass responses will lead to a ban. We like to help new players.

» Hacks / Exploits - Hacks / exploits will lead to an immediate ban and your Steam ID will be reported. Spectate and live broadcasts are used to monitor players and as a part of our vetting process. Failure to provide access to your live broadcast when requested may prevent you access to the server. Before calling someone out for cheating you should do a little research. Look at the player's experience on their Steam profile. Generally most hacking allegations are unfounded. An experienced player with 1,000 + hours, coupled good instincts and a little luck does not make them a hacker! Repeatedly making unfounded claims of hacking will lead to a ban. Please email with your video evidence. or Windows 10 features are among various tools that can be used to capture in-game footage.

» Hacker On Friend's List - If you are associated with a hacker you will be banned. Private Steam profiles are no guarantee and actually draw admin attention.

» Disrespecting Admin or Other Players After Warning - Verbal warnings are sometimes given instead of a kick or ban. Consider yourself fortunate for being given a second chance. Talking back in a disrespectful manner to the admin or ranting to the community after a warning will lead to a ban.

New to Rust?

(1) The admin and other players are happy to answer questions when available. Ask inside game chat. You can also e-mail the admin
(2) This is Rust. You will die a lot, but you will discover better ways to survive if you stick with it.
(3) Build small and strong in the beginning. Stone or metal structures with metal doors are a good idea! Add layers of walls for more protection.
(4) Tool cupboards will help prevent low-level, opportunistic raids and griefing. Find creative ways to place and protect your cupboards. Multiple cupboards will help to protect a larger area.
(5) Get busy crafting a furnace (50 low grade fuel, 200 stones, 200 wood). With a furnace you can smelt metal ore. That provides the materials needed for crafting metal doors and more advanced items.

Rust - how to build a furnace

Spawn, die, repeat

You will die and lose your stuff. You will discover better ways to survive if you stick with it.

Most people lost in the wilds die of shame

Tips from players

"This is Rust. Don't trust anyone."

"I tend not to leave my little part of the map trying to stay off the radar."

"Build in remote places so you won't get noticed until after your base is really strong."

"I make parts of my base look raided. People pass right by."

"I'm constantly making bandages. I keep my health at 100% at all times."

"Keep a building plan with you. Bears won't get you if you stand on a foundation."

"I usually log off in the ocean (sleep). No animals in deep parts and people won't look there."

"Save your empty food cans. You can smelt them into metal fragments. You can smelt them in a campfire even."

"Mountains are rarely traveled by groups or clans...they can offer safe travel in some regions."

"The ocean is excellent for making an escape...few players will chase you because their guns are useless while swimming."


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