ATTENTION: Map Wipes Every Two Weeks

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Welcome to Rustnilla! This server will only wipe the map Every Two Weeks. Blueprints will wipe Every Two Months.

- Last Map wipe: December 21st, 2017. Next Map wipe: January 4th, 2018.

- Last Blueprint wipe: December 7th, 2017. Next Blueprint wipe: February 8th, 2018 (Or Unless Forced).

Email if you have any trouble. This server is backed by an admin that will investigate and ban hackers and trolls.

Player Conduct

» All players are expected to act in a mature manner.

» Killing & raiding are part of Rust. Prevent griefing by building tool cupboards.

Violations / Ban Codes

RB = Racist Behavior
OC = Offensive Content
HE = Hacking / Exploits
TT = Troll / Toxic (any disruptive behavior to include whiners)
RV = Recent VAC
OT = Other (Susp profile, or other)

Report Violations

» Contact to report violations. Provide the following required information:

1. Your player name for verification (we will not share your identity).
2. Name of violator.
3. Type of violation you witnessed.
4. Explain what you observed. Provide any evidence (if you have it) like screenshots or video.

» Tombs! Players that get banned become sleepers. Their bases, loot, and bodies now belong to you, but you may still need to raid them.

Server details...

» Map wipe cycles are every two weeks.

» Map size is 3900.

» Server is top of the line. Intel SSD Array, RE Backup drive, 32GB+ ECC DDR3 RAM, 1Gbit dedicated connection with DDoS protection, monitoring, filtering and the fastest core speed processors available.

» Feel free to contact the admin if you have any questions:

“Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden.” 

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